Round Britian and Ireland Race

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The Round Britain and Ireland Yacht Race was established in 1966 by Cockleshell

hero Major Blondie Hasler and is staged every four years.

The 2010 race started from Plymouth on Sunday 6th June. The RB&I is acknowledged as being one of the toughest, short handed offshore races in the world and attracts both professional and amateur yachtsmen and women. It is a two-handed race and both Alex and Malcolm have competed in previous editions. This year they achieved a podium place, coming an amazing third place and arriving back at Plymouth on the 25th June.

The clockwise route around the British Isles is roughly 2,000 nautical miles and has four compulsory, 48 hour stopovers. In this year they were in Kinsale, Barra, Lerwick and Lowestoft.

The RB&I is considered to be a more varied test of seamanship than its transatlantic counterparts and draws the top names in ocean sailing. Traditionally, when the weather deteriorates, the sailor stands offshore in deeper water. This is not possible though when the course runs around the British Isles. Competitors must deal with rapid changes of weather, large tidal ranges and the close proximity of shipping and land throughout the race. The RB&I is a hugely challenging tactical event and a great test of endurance.

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